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Saturday, April 16, 2016

5 Ways to Remove Acne Teenage Boys Naturally and Quickly

Acne is a skin disorder that is often suffered by humans. Acne is most often strikes those who are teenagers or who were experiencing periods of puberty. Acne appears as a bump similar to ulcers that sometimes contain pus or blood. The existence of acne is extremely disturbing. Besides disturbing appearance, acne is also sometimes feels pain when touch.not just physical appearance is impaired due to acne, but also psychological disorders can also arise as a result of this acne. Some mental disorders that arise as a result of acne is the lack of confidence and also the arrival of a sense of inferiority, so it tends to close itself. Acne although sometimes regarded as trivial, but it is a big influence, especially for women or women who were aged teenagers.
Acne in Adolescents
Acne can affect anyone and at any age. Acne does not only affect women but also men. Acne is not only attack those who are in puberty, but also can affect any age. In fact, sometimes can strike children and aged persons, although the intensity is more rare than they were teenagers. As has been said before that acne can leave psychological impact on those affected, which is not self-confident and also tend minder. Especially for those who were in their teens.
One that is often affected by acne is teenage boys. Many teenage boys have contracted by acne even since attending junior high school. Usually teens indeed many casualties of acne in those who are young men. Even acne which attacks teenage boys could not only around the face (such as acne usually in general), but also up on the back. Then, exactly what is the cause of their teenage acne attack this man?
Causes of Acne Embossed on Adolescent Males
Acne is a skin disorder that occurs due to abnormality or blockage of the skin's oil glands. These oil glands serves to remove excess oil from the skin. When these oil glands clogged, then so be acne. In men, part of the body which are often attacked by acne is the face and back. In general, imbulnya cause acne in men are:
  1. hormone changes
The main causes and most acne is due to hormonal changes. Changes that occur in this hormone will make or produce oil can cause clogged pores, sometimes even inviting the growth of bacteria. When things like this continue to happen, it will cause the skin to be disrupted and it will make acne grow on the skin of men.
  1. Their Excessive Perspiration
The second cause of acne easily appear in men is their excessive sweating. The emergence of this sweat will make your skin susceptible to sweat.acnes will be easy to attack them when the weather is hot and sweaty tubub easy. In addition because of the heat, acne can also appear when sweating after exercise. So for those who often do sports and raises a lot of sweat, a fairness if you are easily affected by acne. Acne is easily arise because of sweat is mainly existing acne on his back.
  1. Errors in shaving
Actually mistakes made when shaving this is not one of the causes of acne that is certain in this. When you find a bump similar to acne that you find when shave, then that means you've made a mistake when shaving. But once again stressed that this is not be a sure thing.
Those are some causes that can cause acne on the face or the back of adolescent boys. Then how do I overcome jerawat- teenage acne that attack this man?
How To Deal With Teen Acne in Males
There are several ways that can be done to deal with acne who ariseamong adolescent boys do. Ways to do this is by using natural ingredients or also with specific action. surest avoid your skin of acne attacks is to always maintain the cleanliness of your skin. You also can use a variety of anti-acne cleansers and soaps that are found in the stores or markets. But in using this kind of products, avoid the use of products containing beads or beads, because it can lead to skin irritation. You can clear your skin as much as twice a day.
To overcome the absence of acne in teens face of this man there are several ways you can do. Here are some tips that you can do to get rid of acne how teenage boys and girls:
  1. Diligent cleaning the face
As has been said before bahwasannya key to treat acne as well as a way to prevent acne is not diligent to come is to maintain a healthy advance. So you have to diligently diligently cleaning the face or your face. Acne is caused by excess oils on your skin. Cleaning the face can clear dead skin cells that accumulate on the face so that it can be lost. In this face membarsihkan you can use soap or pembersih- anti-acne cleanser suitable for your skin.
Just a tip for you, if you've found one that fits with your soap then do flipping through your soap with merk- other brands. This is because often alternated soap will cause allergies in your skin. If you do not want to use soap, then you can use clean water only. Try to memberihkan's face or the face at least twice a day. One time is important to clean your face or your face is when bedtime.
  1. Pay attention to your sleep patterns
Not only the face clean, but acne is also influenced by sleep patterns, especially for those who are male sex. Try janga lack of sleep and avoid staying up late. This is because the best time for skin care is to start at 22:00 sleep and wake up at 05.00. At those times are very active skin cells to replace dead skin cells and also do a stimulus for the formation of new skin cells. Especially for you who have insomnia, then you need to discuss with your doctor about this in order to get the best advice that you can do.
  1. Treatment Using Ice Cubes
Did you know bahwasannya ice cube can help eliminate acne on the face or faces? You can apply an ice cube on the munsul acne on your face every day. Ice cubes can also be combined with a variety of natural ingredients to get rid of acne in young men's.
  1. Treatment using Aloe Vera
One alaminyang materials can be used for the treatment of acne is to use aloe vera. From the first we know bahwasannya aloe vera is a natural ingredient that has a lot of benefits and efficacy. One of the functions of aloe vera is treating acne. In addition to providing a chilling effect on your acne, thereby reducing the pain, aloe vera is also useful for removing acne scars are often left behind in the skin.
You can use aloe vera to treat your skin in a way rub it on your skin. To initiate the use of aloe vera do not forget to peel the skin first. Aloe vera is used for this treatment is aloe vera younger or medium-sized.
  1. Applying Lemon on the face or the face
The next natural ingredients that can be used to get rid of acne is to use lemon. The content of AHA found in lemons quite powerful, effective, and safe for your skin. Ways in which to use the facial skin care is to use lemon juice from lemon or using lemon slices directly to the face or rub it into your face that have acne.
Do this at least 2 to 3 times each week. But you need to know bahwasannya not all skin types can fit jikan use this lemon treatment. If your skin is irritated, then stop treatment pengguanaan lemon on your face and immediately consult a doctor. Lemon also causes the skin to become dry so you need to wash the face seklai up damp after rubbing lemon on your face.
So a few tips that can be done to overcome the acne on your face skin on teenage boys. For teen boys who feel a pimply face, then you can use Tips- above tips to overcome your acne. But if you do not get along and actually experienced more disturbances which then immediately consult a doctor. Hopefully this article helpful.

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