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Saturday, April 16, 2016

21 Food Causes Acne On Face Appears Continuously

Small, when it appears sucks, what behold? yes that's acne. The appearance of acne is very disturb appearance, not to mention the pain when acne begins to mature.
food causes acne Acne problems complained of by-many people, whether male or female. But there is also a cover for his disappointment by saying spotty face without acne like a sky without stars. It's a statement that only a mere alibi. Because of the fact acne is not decorate the face, not the same as the stars decorate the sky. Just imagine a sky full of stars, must be beautiful. But if a face full of acne? Imagine yourself yes.
Causes of Acne
Many factors that affect the appearance of acne on the face. Acne can arise due to the factors of that stress and hormones. Usually the condition of instability inside will trigger acne. Besides acne on the face can also appear was due to hormones or descent.

Food Causes Acne

As such there is a cause of acne that comes from outside, namely from food. 20 food causes acne on the face appears kept this maybe some people already know about it. But there are still many who do not know and realize that one of the foods that often consumes a cause of acne on his face kept appearing. The following authors will share a little information about 20 foods cause acne.
  1. The fried chicken. If you think perhaps many do not accept it if the fried chicken is one food causes acne. But it is a fact, that eating fried chicken with frequently can supply oil and fat into the body. Oversupply of fat and oil coupled with the difficult digested body carried by the blood which is then used to form new skin cells. As a result not a beautiful new skin is formed. However acne.
  2. Donat. Too bad it turns out tasty food is included in the list of food cause acne.donut was able to cause acne because the donuts through the process fryingand absorbs a lot of oil. Oil absorbed into the meat donatlah that causes a lot of food this fandom to be one of the causes of food spotty face.
  3. The fries. Similarly, donuts, french fries became one of the causes of acne as it goes through the process of fryingand absorb a lot of oil.
  4. noodles instance. food ,, this one is definitely too many courtesy. If you are spotty and often consume these foods. Try it stopped, maybe instant noodles you eat often this becomes one of the 20 foods that cause acne on the face popping up.noodles instance, besides containing preservatives are also high in saturated fat. fats and preservatives that are difficult to digest this body could be buried anywhere in the body, not to mention the face that cause acne.
  5. Brown. Brown in addition to relaxing it also can cause acne on the face. High sugar content in chocolate is able to make the immune system is lowered so that bacteria from the outside mundah mengingfeksi and cause acne.
  6. Candy. Almost the same as chocolate, candy is also a cause of acne because it contains high gulannya.
  7. Ice cream. The food was so melt in the mouth, besides being able to make the mind become more relaxed was also one of the causes of the food is spotty. Same thing with chocolate, the sugar content is what makes the ice-cream ice cream as a cause of acne.
  8. Cereals, snacks are usually a menu when breakfast this morning tjuga be one cause of facial acne. Because of what? because Cereals also one of the foods that contain high sugar.
  9. Biscuits, biscuits also be one of the foods cause of acne on the face as biscuits also have a fairly high sugar content.
  10. Pasta, Pasta actually almost the same with noodles instances that contain fat and preservatives. And fats and preservatives that causes the appearance of acne on the face.
  11. Pork, pork Dagng is already very well known to contain high fat. because that pigs included in the list of food cause acne. Selan and omega 6 fatty acids contained in pork also can make the skin become inflamed if the substance is present in the body in excessive amounts.
  12. The food is made ​​from coffee, unique coffee flavor sometimes likes to be a mixture of foods. Indeed coffee has benefits to make the body more refreshed and not sleepy. All because coffee contains caffeine, and it turns out caffeine in coffee can cause acne. Plus coffee making eye awake so irregular sleep patterns, and therefore acne can be flourished.
  13. The food is made ​​from black tea. In addition to coffee, black tea also contain caffeine. Caffeine contained in black tea were able to trigger the production of hormones ardenalin that if excessive amounts of stress can trigger the source of acne.
  14. Foods containing milk. Milk is becoming one of the drinks that could be a mixture of different processed foods such as cakes, biscuits and others. Consuming foods containing high levels of milk on a frequent basis it can trigger acne muncullnya. Foods containing milk into one of 20 foods that cause acne on the face popping up in the face because the milk can disrupt hormones work in the body.
  15. Yoghurt, Dairy products this one also has the same disadvantages as the milk that is screwed hormo work in the body. Work unstable hormone makes the skin glands are not able to fight the bacteria and comes acne.
  16. Cheese. Cheese is also a dairy foods are widely used in various foods and pastries. Not much different from milk and yoghurt, cheese also can disrupt hormones work. And plus cheese memilihi high sugar levels which can lower the body's resistance.
  17. White rice, white rice and sugar have kdar labih carbohidrat higher than brown rice. Excessive sugar content results kabohidratdan able to cause acne on the face, in addition to causing diabetes.
  18. White bread, white bread made ​​of rice contains almost no different from that carbohidrat rice and sugar. And just as with rice, white bread can also cause acne on the face.
  19. Ham cheese burger, cheese and bacon on ham cheese burger clear that complete fusion between milk and fat. As has been described above that milk fat and this can trigger acne.
  20. Puddings. Puddings were usually containing milk fat are also able to invite acne. In addition yangtinggi sugar content in the pudding also made custard into the 20 foods that cause acne on the face popping up.
  21. Nuts. Though it turned nut is not a major cause of acne, but you should note that excessive consumption would be very dangerous. Nuts contain fats that can cause excessive oily porters who could eventually have an impact on acne.
Well it was 21 foods that cause acne you should avoid, do not ever try the food if not exposed to excessive acne, especially cystic acne .

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