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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Learn to care for anyone who is not pleasant

  • It is natural to hear complaints someone, who hate others because he felt unloved. Indeed, there are some people who are too vile to accept kindness or affection from others in the vicinity. However this is actually interesting, because this is where love a challenge so that we can overcome them.
    Loving someone who also loves you, is common. Rightfully so. But real love is still love the unpleasant and even showed hatred on you. It is love to do the most good. Not easy, indeed, did this good deed because it takes willpower to keep showing love to that type of person.
    It seemed every religion teaches to carry out such acts, even the reward is very high for those who are able to practice it. Stay behave well and love those who, in fact, it's natural to be hated. The following ideas have been proven to help you do that:
  • We must truly understand the real meaning of love

    Love has so much understanding, in which there are some elements that need to be done, namely: unconditional, selfless and benevolent. Anyone who loves a person must show unconditional love and not only think about themselves, in order to qualify goodness. Surely there must be complete with sincerity and does not seek any material advantage. Show love to someone and just expect to benefit in the form of a sense of happiness in the heart for doing good. True love is very sincere, unselfish and never conditional.
  • We must have a heart to forgive

    Love that understanding will lead you, to the stage; show love through actions. This is called; embody virtues. And the first point of this action is, be easy to forgive.
    At this stage, remember that the people who hate you will always find opportunities from the smallest things to hurt you, without feeling guilty. So, to deal with people like that requires a huge heart. Have a heart that is always full of forgiveness, it is necessary to be able to find any way to forgive anyone who hurt us and perform the way to fight crime.
    Not easy, of course. But still do good is the best way to respond to malicious acts of any sort. The famous writer in the 19th century, Henry Wheeler Shaw once said "There is no better revenge than to forgive". Although there are so great boost in the liver to avenge bad deeds, remember that forgiveness is the only answer. Your enemies will feel disturbed, if you still do well even though he has to harm you.
  • We must have patience without limits

    Replying to indecency and interfere with affection, will inevitably cause prolonged suffering on us. But the true story of real patience is very interesting: a sense of patience is the action in the form of respect and admiration, and every time we forgive someone who has hurt us, it will grow even increase the strength within ourselves.
    Show patience should be maintained in everyday life. In this way, we can continue to show love to those who have never done well on us. Benjamin Franklin once said, "He who has a lot of patience, will get every desire". Therefore, people who fail to maintain patience, it will also fail to show love to others who hurt him.
  • Avoid actions that ignite hatred

    Evil behavior of people who are not unpleasant, often without reason. However, we must do the best actions to minimize, even eliminate actions that will lure them to do bad. For example, if you are staying one house with the annoying, and should compete for the bathroom every hour 6 am. If you already know that this event will be provoking one another, change your bathing time. Avoid the problem, as much as possible. This is not a sign that you are weaker. This would indicate you stronger.
    Loving someone does not love you need so much willpower. Hence, Mahatma Gandhi, once said, "A coward does not have the ability to show love; it is the act of the brave." If we managed to show love to someone who sucks, the greatest joy is already rewarded us.

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