Counsels for peace alive

  • In life everyone has a different purpose, but the average is based on the same desire of wanting peace. Quoted from , in order to complete the peace that is expected to further good when these things considered.
    If we are servants of God, we should just do what God wants us to do.
    When we think about it we would not act as they pleased us, but we will be reminded to always fear God, so that only good deeds alone will do.
    People who rely on the Lord will never take advantage of God for the sake of personal interest.
    We must realize that God is not "helpers", but he is a person who should we worship and not actually used. Therefore, do not tell God to solve any of our problems, but strive with all its capabilities to deal with it, do our part and let the rest of God at work.
  • People who live on the Lord never worried about anything

    "Do not ever worry with our lives, what shall we eat or drink, do not be too concerned with what we want to wear. Is not life is more important than eating or drinking, and the body more important than clothes. Therefore, do not ever worry will this life, will be what will happen tomorrow, because tomorrow has difficulties of its own. " Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do our part as good as possible.
    There are a lot of people are busy collecting worldly possessions, but absolutely never thought to collect "treasures" Heavenly
    We must remember that material possessions are not forever, when death comes all that we have taken and will not take part. Therefore, do not attempt to collect worldly possessions, but seek energetically collecting treasure in heaven, lest we regret later on.
  • People who are most fortunate are those who always think of dying

    When we think of death we will never act rashly, but we will always be careful and try to use every second of life with good things that are useful.
  • There is never a free ticket to heaven

    Everyone will want to go to heaven, but to get a "ticket" to heaven can not be obtained for free, because there are laws of God that must be adhered to full compliance.
  • God expects everyone to always "Become New."

    No man is sinless. Therefore, God gives way to man in order to "become the new" through repentance. Try to live in such a way, obey His commands and stay away from all His prohibitions, so that what we do is always pleasing in His presence.
    Never be arrogant because it has something, but berbanggahatilah when able to do something very useful.
    Everyone has been endowed by God a wide variety of different talents. Therefore do not be overbearing if it has many advantages than others, but with humility be willing to help others to what we already have to increasingly bless our lives.
    There is nothing that can beat us, if we are on God's side and God on our side.
    God is faithful figure, when we face a problem do not try to get help from another place, but getting hold ourselves to Him because He is the source of real power.
    Someone might hurt us, but God will never hurt us.
    Best man would never menyakit sudaranya heart, but not so with God. Therefore, try to forgive others, and get comfort by always draw closer to Him.


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