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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Can heart hurt healed?

  • Many things in this world can make someone hurt, especially if that do are people who have been loved. However, that does not mean the pain should be buried forever. Giving up, forget and reconcile with the causes of this is the most powerful way that could soon rise up and rediscover happiness.
    Question is, can hurt the heart is healed?
    Through this article we will try to discuss how the easiest way to tackle heart hurt and use this opportunity as a way to menginstropeksi themselves and learn to be more mature.
  • 1. Take note of any incident

    The teenagers especially loved to record every event in his life in diary form, it is according to psychologist Anna Nurwati very well done to confide without fear known by others. However, mengungkapakan any resentment, sadness, disappointment and heartache into a book can be done by anyone, until you can feel the relief and are able to forget the root cause of the problem.
  • 2. Share your feelings

    Sharing feelings with others will make you realize that actually you are not alone. Tell me the problems you are facing to someone you trust, ask for help and advice from them so that you can have an idea of ​​what you should do in order to be able to rise.
  • 3. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

    There is no reason to give in to the pain you're going through, even do not ever let the pain affect your health. Always keep your body's health to keep exercising, eating healthy foods and trying to stay positive thinking that you were able to find a solution to get out of the problem you are facing.
  • 4. Take a lesson

    Of any problems you are facing life there are always lessons to be learned for self-improvement. Therefore, do not ever try to blame yourself or seek justification of every problematic, but use this opportunity to reflect on themselves and find positive things that can make you become more mature.
  • 5. Be grateful

    It sounds cliche, but how can you get up and get out of the bondage of resentment if not willing grateful ever experienced it? Therefore, do not ever let the pain of growing into ulcers that constantly undermine your confidence, but learn to be grateful never experienced it so you can be more careful to make decisions in your life.
  • 6. Coming to terms with the past

    To be able to immediately recover and forget the source of the pain you must first be able to come to terms with your past and this can only be done in a way to forgive. Yes, forgiveness is the best way that you can come back happy, forgiveness is like an oasis when your heart is filled with anger and disappointment.
  • 7. Do not ever hurt yourself

    Ironically, there are a lot of people are not able to overcome the disappointment caused by pain and ultimately prefer to immediately end his life. Remember, when you feel desperate in fact you're not alone, there may even be more people than you will have more severe problems but able to cope. However, when you feel weak and do not know how to solve never forget God who can help you, do not leave him so that you do not even feel kesepihan.
  • 8. Treat your heart

    To be able to please not have to always pay expensive, but you can try to take the time to megerjakan hobby or try to take short breaks so that your heart and mind can be at peace.
  • 9. Time will heal

    Indeed, you can not forget the direct cause of the pain, but believe time will heal it. You are only required to stay afloat and carry out your activities as usual and socialize in order to multiply your thoughts are always entertained.
    Every heart that hurt can be healed, but it all depends on your commitment and willingness to make an effort to rise or not. Do not give in to reality for the future and your happiness is far more valuable than a sense of sadness that today you may be experiencing.

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