Your Skin Sensitive? Maybe this reason

Kulit Anda Sensitif? Mungkin Ini SebabnyaNot a few people who still do not realize that he has sensitive skin. Because the symptoms of sensitive skin often appears in conjunction with the existing symptoms of dry skin conditions.

Sensitive skin

Basically, sensitive skin tend to occur in individuals with dry skin conditions than normal skin condition. This is due to the lack of moisture that causes decreased skin barrier function. Dry skin can occur due to lack of natural moisturizing skin. It is caused by several conditions-for example; history of allergy or atopy, smoking habit, too often in refrigerated room, live in areas with low temperatures, the habit of bathing with the water is too hot, and so forth.
As was mentioned earlier, sensitive skin is usually experienced by someone who has a history of allergy or atopy themselves / their family members. Symptoms of atopy are quite frequent complaints are asthma or wheezing, frequent sneezing in the morning (allergic rhinitis), often itchy eyes (allergic conjunctivitis) and eczema. Typically, a person with congenital allergic conditions tend to have dry skin because the skin's natural moisturizer that has not as in people with sensitive skin conditions. Though the skin's natural moisturizer is one component of the protective layer of the skin. If this layer decreases, the skin's defense is lowered and more easily irritated skin.
In addition to allergies, habits unwittingly cause loss of the skin's natural moisturizer also be one of the causes of dry skin that lead to sensitive skin.
Well, if you have sensitive skin, modify some habits that can make the skin becomes dry very important to do. How can by getting used to shower with water that is not too hot (lukewarm), using soap berpelembap, and wear a moisturizer immediately after bathing.


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