Sports to Avoid Cardiac Patients

Olahraga yang Harus Dihindari Penderita JantungThere Mens in corpore sano, a healthy body there is a strong spirit. It is an open secret that in addition to diet and good lifestyle, exercise is also needed to keep the body healthy and awake optimal performance. However, be careful! If you have heart problems, exercise can be a tricky thing: provide benefits, but also can be dangerous.
Disorders of the Heart
In principle, heart disorders may actually be experienced by anyone. But based on existing data, the older you are, the higher your risk of suffering from heart problems. So the elderly, should be increasingly vigilant when exercising.
Disorders of the heart of the most widely experienced in the age group above 40 years is a disorder of the heart due to blockage of the coronary blood vessels. Based on data from 2015 American Heart Association, heart problems due to blockage of the coronary arteries is experienced by 7% of the population aged 40-59 years, and then increased to 15% in the age group 60-79 years. Over 80 years, this heart disorder affects nearly 25% of the population. Men are twice as likely to suffer heart problems than women.
In younger age brackets ie 20-39 years, due to blockage of coronary heart disorder is more rare. Most heart problems are caused by structural abnormalities of the heart which is already present at birth, but are not recognized and detected. When a person is diagnosed with heart problems, exercise activities to be something that should be 'legalized' by the doctor. But in general, there are certain types of exercise are recommended to avoid patients with cardiovascular disease.
Avoid Sport
Certain types of sports can be very dangerous for a patient with heart, both congenital heart defects and coronary heart disease. Sports are dangerous for heart patients is a highly competitive sport, such as race, football, basketball, tennis, badminton, and other various sports competitions.
Why is it dangerous? Because at the time of competition, a person 'is required to expend all his ability without being able to adjust the limit with their personal abilities. As a result, someone who is basically already have a heart disorder may suddenly experience the rhythm disturbances and cardiac work, and there was a heart attack. Unfortunately, most of these heart attacks occur outside the hospital, and of course with limited facilities, rescue measures will be more difficult.
Therefore, if you indicate heart disease, should avoid the types of sports competitions mentioned above. When you have to do this, consult first with your doctor the extent to which you are allowed to live.


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