In addition to Milk, Vegetables are also Good for Bones

Selain Susu, Sayuran ini Juga Baik untuk TulangIf talk about the intake to maintain bone health, most of us would answer the milk. In fact, in addition to milk, vegetables also have a very good benefit for bone health, you know.
How not, vegetables in general also contain calcium and other nutrients, which is very important for bone density and strength. As is known, calcium is an important component to support bone health.
Well, here is a list of vegetables that have a high calcium content:

type of Food 
Saji dose
Green beans
1 serving  
90 grams
green cabbage
1 serving
95 grams
white cabbage
1 serving
90 grams
1 large servings
110 grams
Fried onions
1 whole fruit
150 grams
1 small bag
40 grams
canned tomatoes
1 tin
400 grams
Red beans 
2 tablespoons
70 grams

In addition to vegetables as above, some examples of other foods are also rich in calcium, namely:
type of Food 
Saji dose
whole milk
224 mg
Semi-skimmed milk
231 mg
skimmed milk
235 mg
Low-fat yogurt
150 g
225 mg
28 g
202 mg
Baked beans
112 g
59 mg
100 g
480 mg
56 g
482 mg

So, for those of you who want to maintain good bone health, there is nothing wrong if you want to add other types of food such as vegetables or above in your daily intake.
Although vegetables and some kinds of food on the very beneficial for bone health, remember to eat regularly and not excessive. In addition, do not forget to exercise regularly and regularly so that bone health is maintained until old age.


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