It is Characteristics of Breast Cancer

Ini Dia Ciri-Ciri Kanker PayudaraIn most people, breast cancer does not cause complaints. However, the bump is one of the initial complaint often expressed by the sufferer. But that does not mean if there is a lump in the breast, then you are definitely suffering from this dangerous disease.
According to data obtained from the Ministry of Health in 2013, breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer after cervical cancer. Therefore, everyone should know the characteristics of breast cancer so that when it was discovered that defects can be immediately acted upon and resolved by health personnel.
Here are the characteristics of breast cancer by the American Cancer Society:
Lump in the breast or underarm area.
Swelling of all or part of the breast.
Inflammation or injury to the skin of the breast.
Wrinkles on the breast skin that resembles an orange peel.
Breast pain.
Pain in the nipple.
Nipples drawn into.
Thickening or redness of the nipple.
Discharge from the breast (other than milk), which generally can be pus or blood.
Well, now already know 'the characteristics of breast cancer? Doing breast self-examination regularly will allow you to feel the change in the breast. If found their breast cancer characteristics in yourself, immediately perform the checks to the doctor to determine whether the complaint is due to breast cancer or other diseases.


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