6 Steps to Breast Self Check

6 Langkah Periksa Payudara SendiriOctober to breast cancer awareness month, symbolized by a pink ribbon. Breast cancer is a cancer that attacks the glands, ducts and supporting tissue in the breast. This cancer commonly affects women of childbearing age and usually only cause complaints after an advanced stage.
According to data from GLOBOCAN (IARC) in 2012, breast cancer is the cancer with the highest percentage of new cases in Indonesia, which amounted to 43.3% with the percentage of death by 12.9%. Handling as early as possible is crucial in overcoming breast cancer. Therefore, it is important for a woman to know and be able to do BSE.
on BSE
BSE which stands for Breast Self-Examination. With BSE, women should be able to detect changes in the breast and can immediately see a doctor. If at the time of BSE, found a lump in the breast or change compared to the previous month, that's a sign to go to the doctor.
BSE is recommended to be done every month. Perform each after completion of menstruation, and can be started from the first get your period or since the age of 12 years.
How to Perform a breast self-exam
Here are the steps that BSE can do at home:
Start the examination by standing in front of a mirror. Raise both hands and check if there are changes in color like red, puckered skin like orange peel, or swelling in the breast.
Place both hands on her waist and breast check as the first step.
Raise one hand and check the breast on the side of the arm with the other hand. Press the breast from top to bottom, starting from the outermost side and then leads into the three fingers pressed together. Feel for any lumps.
In the same position, continue to press the breast in a circle (like a spiral). Check the breast as the previous step.
Press the breast toward the nipple with both hands like massaging and see if there is a discharge.
In a lying position, do re-examination.
Thus six steps BSE. It's easy and you can do it yourself at home. Come on, get to know your body and do not hesitate to consult a doctor if they find anything unusual.


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