Testicular Pain, Danger or Not?

Testis Nyeri, Bahaya atau Tidak?Most men would feel excessive worry if testicles ache. You, too? Naturally. Because the testis play an important role in the male reproductive system. However, how dangerous it is?
Testes important role in the male reproductive system, as it serves to produce sperm and sex hormones. The area around the testis is very sensitive. If there is interference, then there will be discomfort-even pain. The complaint can come from:
Organ testis itself.
The tunica albuginea, which is a wrapper channel testis.
Tissue located at the back of the testis (epididymis).
Organs around the testicles.
Pain in the testicles can be said to be dangerous or not, depending on the cause.
Inflammation. Inflammation of the testicles can be caused by the following diseases:
Epididymitis. Sperm duct inflammation surrounding the testicle (epididymis), is caused by bacteria associated with urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted diseases and infections in the prostate. Testicular pain due to the disease when the patient felt defecation and urination.
Orchitis. It is an inflammation of the testicles as a secondary reaction to the infection in other body parts. Most often occurs after an infection of mumps (mumps), or sexually transmitted diseases-such as gonorrhea (gonorrhea) or chlamydia. In addition to testicular pain, the disease also causes testicular swelling and fever.
Diabetic neuropathy. Complaints testicular pain due to nerve damage around the testes due to diabetes.
Hydrocele. This is a buildup in the duct of the epididymis, causing testicular pain complaints.
Varicocele. It is swollen due to enlargement of blood vessels around the scrotum, which causes testicular pain.
Urinary tract infection. In this condition, testicular pain usually occurs at the end of urination, accompanied by Anyang-anyangan symptoms and fever.
Twisted testicles. Testicular pain due to this condition is the occurrence of dangerous and must be implemented immediately, because it can lead to rupture of blood vessels around the testicles.
Testiskular cancer. Although it is rare, but if there is any discomfort around the testicle with enlarged glands, you should immediately consult a doctor.
Consult a physician immediately if you experience testicular pain with the following conditions:
Testicular pain is felt increasingly.
Palpable enlargement of the glands around the scrotum (bag wrapping testis).
Testicular Pain accompanied by fever, or nausea and vomiting.
Testis reddish and feels warm.
Testicular pain is not a complaint to be underestimated. Moreover, if the condition does not subside. Immediately contact your doctor to get a physical examination and investigation, in order to help control the symptoms of testicular pain that you experience.


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