5 Tips Regarding Skin Care Eye

5 Tip Perawatan Kulit Seputar MataThey say the eyes are the window to the world. If the eyes look radiant, then the entire face will look more radiant. It will look more perfect if the skin around the eyes is free dar dryness, dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles.
Well, to get the skin around the eyes healthy and beautiful, you should take proper care. The following tip.
Clean Makeup Eye
Before you start taking care of the skin around the eyes, you must first clean the eye makeup. Use the special cleaner softer eye. If you use waterproof cosmetics, it would be better if you also use a cleanser that is formulated specifically for these types of products. Or you can try petroleum jelly versatile to clean the eye makeup. Use cotton or soft cloth. Afterwards, rinse the eye area with warm water.
Compress Cold Water
You can compress the skin around the eyes with cold water to reduce eye bags and puffy eyes. Compress can be done after you clean the eye and facial makeup. In addition to cold water, you can also compress the eye for 15-20 minutes with cold cucumber slices.
prevent Wrinkles
To prevent or reduce the wrinkles around the eyes, you can apply a cream that contains antioxidants, vitamin E, or vitamin C. If you want a more natural materials, organic honey can be an alternative choice.
The skin around the eyes also need sunscreen to avoid the signs of premature aging-like dark circles and wrinkles. Therefore, do not forget the skin around the eyes when you put sunscreen.
Inadequate Water Needs
To prevent dryness of the skin around the eyes, meet your daily fluid needs. However, avoid drinking too much water at night when you do not want the eyes to be swollen the next morning.


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