Rib bones Feels Pain? this causes

Tulang Rusuk Terasa Nyeri? Ini PenyebabnyaThe ribs are long bones curved form of the chest cavity. The ribs serves to protect the chest and vital organs in it, such as the lungs and heart.
Pain in the ribs can be sharp or blunt. Often the problem is not on the ribs, but in the surrounding soft tissues such as muscle. In mild cases, can be caused by coughing, excessive stretching, and changes in body position suddenly. But, sore ribs can also be dangerous and are characteristic of a particular disease.
Some other causes of sore ribs, among them:
Broken ribs
chest injury
muscle spasm
Inflammation, such as costochondritis
Diseases of the lung, such as pleurisy, bronchitis, tuberculosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and lung cancer
Heart disease, such as heart attack or coronary heart disease
When visiting the doctor, explain in detail the pattern of pain, intensity, location of pain, things that aggravate or reduce pain and other symptoms that you feel. Your doctor will perform a physical examination and investigations when needed, such as laboratory, X-ray, MRI, or bone scan (if there is suspicion of lung cancer). Treatment depends on the cause of pain.
Emergency care unit is required if there is a history of injuries with cuts / abrasions on his chest, the pain was severe. Especially if you also marasakan shortness of breath, fever, skin discoloration or lips, dizziness, and changes in consciousness.


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