Heals Broken Bones Without Surgery

Menyembuhkan Patah Tulang Tanpa OperasiFracture. Who is not afraid to hear the term. Naturally, because these conditions make people who experienced it can not move like normal people. Healing takes time is quite long. But did you know that fractures do not have surgery?
In the medical world, a broken bone is called a fracture. This condition can occur in some bones, or whole bone. Severity also varies, depending on the mechanism of fractures.
Fractures are usually symptomatic pain, swelling, redness, and bone deformities (deformity). To be sure, your doctor may order X-rays. In some cases, X-rays can not show a fracture. If this happens, the examination Computed Tomography Scan (CT Scan), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), or bone scan needs to be done.
Broken bones to be repaired and restored to the position it should be, otherwise known as reduction. Reduction actions can be done without surgery, called a closed reduction. This usually by a specialist orthopedic (bone surgery) or a general practitioner experienced using antinyeri medication or anesthetic (local or general).
After completion of the reduction, the bone must be maintained in order not to move using a splint. Traction can also be done to relieve pain. Anti-pain medication and antibiotics may also be given to reduce pain and prevent infection. The healing process generally takes about six weeks.
However, not all types of fractures can be performed closed reduction. Due to the condition of severe fractures kominutif types require open reduction (surgery / operation). This usually takes the form of internal fixation wire, screws, pen, or a plate.
Treatment of fractures depends on the type and degree of severity. The healing process was different. No matter how, through surgery or no surgery, fractures still need to be addressed immediately. Otherwise, this condition may increase the risk of infection, bleeding, or abnormal bone shape.


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