How to Quickly Stop Diarrhea In Children

Cara Cepat Hentikan Diare Pada AnakDiarrhea is very common in children. It is a condition characterized by changes in the stool becomes more liquid, and occur more than three times a day. The causes are quite varied, such as bacteria or viruses.
If children younger than 2 years, the cause is rotavirus. Because when I was less than two years, children still have the endurance that is not good. And in those days, children often insert all sorts of things into his mouth.
In children, diarrhea will usually take place within 5-7 days, rarely lasting more than 2 weeks. In adults, diarrhea is generally improve within 2-4 days, although some infections may last up to one week or more.
Here are some ways that you can do when children with diarrhea:
Give your child plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration, especially if the child has diarrhea accompanied by vomiting. Ideally, children should drink plenty of fluids containing water, salt, and sugar. An example is water mixed with the juice and broth.
Do not give carbonated beverages because it can make diarrhea worse. Liquid electrolyte or salt water are prioritized to replace lost fluids, especially diarrhea accompanied by vomiting. In addition, breast milk should be given.
Soupy porridge or preferred food than dry solids. If the child does not want, to give whatever food he wants. Avoid fatty and spicy foods.
If not consult a doctor, then the diarrhea medication is not recommended. The most important thing is to overcome diarrhea by increasing fluid intake. Moreover, there are some diarrhea that does not require a particular drug.
Diarrhea is addressed from the outset will prevent harmful side effects. If the child does not want to drink and eat anything, you should see a doctor.


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