Shark Liver Oil as New HIV Therapy

Minyak Hati Hiu sebagai Terapi Terbaru HIVA healthy body is associated with good immunity anyway. Immunity of the body, especially in people with HIV, can be improved in various ways. One is through the shark liver oil.
HIV virus
One viral disease that attacks the human immune system is HIV. The virus is spread through bodily fluids and attacks the body's immune system, particularly of CD4 cells is commonly called T cells T cells responsible for assisting the body to fight infection. HIV destroys these cells so that the body can not fight off infections and diseases that attack.
Over time, HIV causes the number of CD4 cells is reduced to below normal values. This causes the body to fight disease more difficult. Sometimes it happens opportunistic infections or cancers in which this situation is already very bad indicates immunity.
Alkyglycerols on Shark Liver Oil
You've heard about the shark liver oil or shark liver oil? A shark liver oil supplements derived from shark liver organ. The content contained in it, including alkyglycerols, squalamine, and squalene.
Since then the centuries, shark liver oil has been used by fishermen for treating many diseases. With increasing time, a lot of research done to find out more in benefits. The study states that shark liver oil can be useful for troubleshooting on respiratory, skin, mouth sores, prevent side effects of radiation, enhance the immune system, and others.
The content alkyglycerols on shark liver oil was also found in the human body, ie in the bone marrow, liver, spleen, and breast milk. These compounds play an important role in the production and stimullasi white blood cells. White blood cells are used to fight a variety of diseases that attack the body. Alkyglycerols also helps normalize bone marrow function, improve immune against bacteria, fungi, and viruses through phagocytosis (eating cells are damaged), as well as producing antibodies. Alkyglycerols most potent source can be found in shark liver oil.
Research conducted by the American Society for Microbiology reported that alkyglycerols able to suppress HIV replication. But indeed, this study was conducted in vitro or cell research in the laboratory. Therefore, further research needs to be done, to see how big a role in inhibiting HIV alkyglycerols.


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