3 Ways to Wake Up Without Coffee

kopi bangun pagi kafein segarIn the rainy season, sometimes our desire to wake up very hard, cold air, rentik-rentik rain and dark skies can make us more lazy to wake up.
But when you have to wake up for work, sometimes you can consume too much coffee.
Instead, it was sometimes too much coffee makes the body more tired. Indeed, the coffee can keep us awake, but too much coffee consumption can disrupt sleep and cause anxiety.
Well, below are some tips that you can do to avoid excessive coffee consumption, especially for those who depend on coffee to start the day.
How to Wake Up Without Drinking Coffee # 1: Drinking Water
When you wake up, your body in a state of mild dehydration, and only mild dehydration can increase your fatigue.
Hidrasikanlah yourself with water to help drain the adrenaline and eliminate fatigue.
Shower with cold water also helps you to be more fresh.
How to Wake Up Without Drinking Coffee # 2: Eating Morning
Eating breakfast is very important for our body, when you do not eat breakfast, then your feelings in a day can be bad. After resting for a few hours, eating breakfast with high nutrients can help the body's metabolism, give you energy, and helps concentration.
Not eating breakfast can make you hungry so it makes you consume unhealthy snacks. Try foods that contain high protein and combined with high-fiber foods such as apples.
How Sleep Bangin Without Drinking Coffee # 3: Get Active
When you sleep at night, the blood flow in the body can flow out of balance thereby triggering poor circulation. Start your morning with a quick walk to the flow of endorphins in the body. Try light exercise when you wake up like sit-ups.


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