Unplug Teeth When Menstruation, May?

Cabut Gigi Saat Menstruasi, Bolehkah?There are many myths that developed in the community about tooth extraction, of which mention that a tooth extraction can create a blind eye until that women who are menstruating should not be pulling teeth.
Those things in turn make people more hesitant to perform tooth extractions, but there are conditions that had to be removed teeth so as not to endanger health.
Tooth extraction does not cause blindness in the eye, and also may be performed in women who are menstruating. But that must be considered is when menstruation occurs, the hormonal changes that affect the increase in estrogen and progesterone levels will make the gums susceptible to inflammation. To minimize the risk of revocation could be postponed until the last week of the menstrual cycle, ie on day 22 to day 28, because at this time estrogen levels are low.
Oral conditions women can indeed be influenced by hormonal changes in the menstrual cycle. In addition, during puberty, pregnancy, use of birth control pills and menopause also involves hormonal changes that will impact on the state of the oral cavity.
During the menstrual cycle, women's oral may undergo some changes such as swollen gums become red, swollen salivary glands, mouth sores and bleeding gums. Hormones also affect the response of the woman's body to the toxins derived from dental plaque.


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