Why Penis Male Smokers Less Hard?

Mengapa Penis Pria Perokok Kurang Keras?Many housewives who complain why the penis of her husband less harsh. This leads to sexual intercourse so unsatisfactory. One of the things that causes the penis is less harsh smoke. Why is that?
Erection and Factors that Influence
Erection in men were due to sexual stimulation, either from the senses or imagination. When that stimulus occurs, the brain will process these stimuli and induce a response in the form of enlarged blood vessels of the penis. Furthermore, the blood vessels in the penis fill with blood, causing the penis to harden.
Several factors contribute to the penis can harden with the maximum is psychological factors, physical fitness in general, as well as the health of the nervous system, blood, heart, and blood vessels. If there is interference on one of these factors, the ability of men to erection with the maximum will be disrupted. It is often referred to as erectile dysfunction.
Impact of Smoking on Erectile Capability
Various studies around the world have proven that smoking can cause impotence in men. Next, the researchers examined more deeply to find the reason why smoking can cause erectile dysfunction.
Christopher B. Harte, Ph.D., a researcher from the United States, said that one of the mechanisms that lead to a man's penis is less hard-smokers compared with men who did not smoke penis -is due to an interruption in smokers regulate neural regulation of heart rate. This causes the blood to the penis pump less than the maximum time of sexual stimulation, so that the penis is not able to erect a maximum.
In addition, a variety of free radicals contained in cigarette can cause blockage of blood vessels in the body-including the blood vessels in the penis. This makes the ability of blood vessels in the penis to accommodate the blood will decrease and cause the penis less harsh.
Let's keep a healthy body-one of them to stop smoking. Thus, in addition to maintaining the quality of sexual intercourse with a partner, you can prevent many other diseases that can be caused by smoking.


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