9 Tips to Prevent Choking Children

https://www.klikdokter.com/uploads/health_highlights/Choking  is still a cause of injury most commonly found in children. A study published in the journal Pediatrics edition in August 2013 to analyze the data the emergency department of the hospital from 2001 to 2009 and found that about 12,400 children under the age of 14 of each year (or 34 children in a single day) were treated for the problem of choking. Sixty-two percent of these cases occur in children under 4 years old, and boys include 55 percent of all cases.
Based on these data, hard candy is the main cause (16%) of children choking, followed by other types of candy (13%), meat (12%), bone (12%), and fruits and vegetables (10%). Although most cases of choking in children is not fatal, the incident remains a serious threat. Ten percent of cases of choking require hospitalization and most of them need dtangani with bronchoscopy, a surgical procedure under anesthesia to remove the food from the airway.
Follow the tips below to prevent children experience a choking incident:
Learn the basic life support (BHD) or basic life support
Realize that the balloon risky cause choking in children of any age
Keep children (<4 years) of these foods: beans, pieces of meat or cheese, grapes, hard candy or sticky, popcorn, hot dogs, peanut butter, raw vegetables, gum
Keep children sitting at the dining table or at least sit down while eating. Do not let children run around, roads, play or lie down with food in his mouth.
Cut foods for infants and children into pieces no larger than 3.5 - 4 cm and teach children how to chew well
Supervise children while eating
Hindrari toys with small parts or make sure the appliances are a little out of reach of children
Follow the age recommendations on the packaging of toys.
Do not let children play with coins


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