How To Remove Acne Stone Quick

Cystic acne or cystic acne is acne with a large size, if touched will feel that lump to the inside, far below the surface layer of the skin. Acne is usually accompanied by severe inflammation, and if not handled properly can lead to the spread in other parts of the face. In many cases, are also at high risk of cystic acne scars menginggalkan, which is not only a stain black / red, but scarring. Scarring wound healing process is much more difficult than to remove the stain of black / red acne scars. Explanation of scarring and healing scars can be seen in the article How to remove acne scars with Quick. Even one well-known skin care companies in Indonesia say that scarring can not be cured 100%. Therefore, here was the importance of treating it right, because it will be easier to treat than the acne scars, especially if the scars left behind in the form of scarring. Another way is not medical treatment, of course accompanied by medical experts (doctors).
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 5 Acne Treatment Options in Medical Stone

Use antibiotics as directed by your doctor, because the use of appropriate antibiotics proved to be effective to cure acne. Talk with your doctor about the period of use of these drugs, as well as the possible side effects like allergies, impaired liver damage, pregnancy complications, etc.
For women, try asking for hormonal treatment. Because acne is related to the hormones in our body. Most doctors prescribe birth control pills or anti-androgen medications to control acne. Ask your doctor what side effects may occur, for example, menstrual cycles become irregular, fatigue, dizziness, breast tenderness, and so on.
Alternatively, try Topical retinoid therapy. Topical retinoids include adapalene, Tazarotene (not recommended for pregnant or lactating women) and Tretinoin (Effective starting from low doses). This therapy is usually specifically handle cases of moderate to severe acne. In this therapy, your acne will get worse before they improve, such as skin redness, skin becomes dry, peeling, etc. Usually within 3 weeks to 1 month your skin will be back better.
Systemic therapy or oral retinoids Retinoids. Systemic retinoids such as isotretinoin (accutadne) is very effective in treating cystic acne. However, the use of isotretinoin is usually only used for cystic acne with high severity.
Laser therapy. This therapy not only to minimize scars caused by cystic acne, but also capable of meghentikan deployment / inflammation cystic acne.


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