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Sunday, December 27, 2015

4 Ways to Remove Blackheads Naturally, Fast, and Powerful

The problem most often complained woman besides acne is how to find a way to remove blackheads naturally, fast, and powerful. In addition to acne, blackheads skin irritation indeed difficult to remove. Especially women who have oily skin, blackheads is a latent danger that often appear if not cleaned thoroughly. Some people who have complaints blackheads cope with facial cleansing soap that has not been able to eradicate blackheads to its roots. Consequently blackheads often reappear and even give side effects such as dryness of the skin. Because it is not a few women are turning to natural treatments to remove blackheads.
Tips Bagaimana Cara Menghilangkan Komedo Secara Alami, Cepat, dan Ampuh
 Egg whites
Using egg whites is one of the ingredients of natural blackhead treatment. You may not stand the smell amisnya, but use egg whites proven to remove blackheads fast during the day. Based on the research the egg white contains several useful ingredients such as protein amino acids as well. The function of proteins and amino acids are able to constrict or shrink the skin pores so that oil production is not done excessively. Reduced oil production that would suppress the growth of blackheads. Other ingredients are egg whites owned folic acid. The function of folic acid for skin is smooth the rough skin back because of the growth of blackheads.
To remove blackheads using egg white can be done by separating the egg whites with the yolk. Beat the egg whites until frothy and creamy ready applied as a face mask. Before applying egg whites, remove dirt in the face with a face wash first. Apply egg white on the face, especially in areas with blackheads while doing massage-massage gently for 5 minutes. Allow the egg white cream until 30 minutes to rinse with warm water. Blackheads you will be lifted and lost with water when rinsing your face. How to remove blackheads naturally, quick, and effective use egg whites should you do regularly to remove blackheads from your face completely.
The content of vitamin C is very high lime owned clinically proven capable of removing blackheads from the inside as well outside the skin. Therefore some cosmetics using raw materials of lime to obtain benefits for the skin, especially oily skin are often troubled with blackheads. Perform maintenance on your skin of blackheads using lime to cut the fruit in half and squeeze the juice. Lime juice is used as a mask that is applied to the skin, especially in the area of ​​blackheads.
Every time you apply or apply lemon juice to your skin, do a gentle massage on the area of ​​blackheads. The purpose of this massage is to facilitate blackheads lifted from the pores of the skin. Let stand 10-15 minutes, or wait until the dry lime that you apply on the face. Perform rinse with warm water on your face. Blackheads will be lifted and shed with water when you rinse your face. Your skin will feel smooth and without blackheads.
Aloe vera
Aloe vera is not only beneficial for maintaining the health and strength of the hair. Aloe vera is also beneficial to remove blackheads are often disturb the look of your skin. Existing mineral content in aloe vera indicated able to lift and remove the blackheads on the skin. Use aloe vera flesh smeared on your face. Do not forget to do massage gentle massage every time you apply aloe vera to your skin. Do massage, especially on areas that are overgrown blackheads. This massage will make blackheads easily lifted when later performed flushing of the face. Let stand for 30 minutes before rinsing with warm water. You will feel yourself the efficacy of aloe in removing blackheads on your skin.
Other natural ingredients that are beneficial to remove blackheads is tomatoes. In addition it contains vitamin C which is very beneficial for health and freshness of the skin, tomatoes also contain vitamin E, which is able to remove dead skin and closes the pores of the skin so that oil production can be reduced and the growth of blackheads can be prevented. Use tomatoes as a face mask with polished and mixed with olive oil. Apply the mask on the face, especially tomatoes berkomedo area, until the mask dries. Perform rinses to feel the results of treatment to remove blackheads naturally, quick, and effective use of tomatoes.

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