3 Ways to Remove stubborn blackheads on the nose and face

Not a few women who made desperate to find a way removes stubborn blackheads on the nose and face. Blackheads is basically the excess oil that clogs the pores on the skin. Although clog pores, but unlike acne blackheads that cause wound infections. Although different with the presence of blackheads acne can interfere with the appearance and make you lose your confidence. If left to find the solution, so the growth is more and more usual and make your face look dirty and unhealthy.
Tips Bagaimana Cara Menghilangkan Komedo Membandel di Hidung dan Wajah
Washing Face
 Types of Blackheads
Blackheads are commonly appear on the face T area around the nose and forehead can be divided into two types. Both types of blackheads have a similar appearance, but much different. The first blackheads are black or black comedo comedones. Blackheads are black because it contains melanin that makes the color black. Basically this is a blackhead blackheads black and white when it first appeared on the surface of the skin. However, the influence of air oxidation makes it turn black. Its presence is very annoying because it looks like the pores of the skin but black. Facial skin feels dull and dirty if black blackheads appear on the skin.
The next type of blackheads is white or white comedo comedones. Unlike the black blackheads are located outside of the skin, blackheads and white lies precisely in the pores of the skin. White blackheads do not undergo air oxidation because it is on the inside, but have a similar epithelial root in the pores. When you unplug the white blackheads will appear base tapering which is the epithelium to grow or stick to the pores. Both types of blackheads is equally stubborn and difficult to remove. But the white blackheads much more dangerous and more difficult to find how to remove stubborn blackheads on the nose and face.
Prevent Blackheads
You are complaints blackheads on some parts of your face may feel already use a variety of ways to eliminate them. But often these efforts ended in vain because blackheads do not also want to go away from your skin. If you experience this the best way to suppress the growth of your blackheads is to prevent triggering the appearance of blackheads. Here are some triggers the appearance of blackheads:
Unhealthy food
Many oily and fatty foods can make growth more blackheads. Apply a healthy lifestyle by eating free food oils and fats. Expand to eat vegetables and fruits and drinking water. Healthy foods in addition to making the skin look fresh also prevents the growth of blackheads.
Less Keeping Kebesihan Face
Habits do not clean the remnants of cosmetics can also lead to blackheads. Therefore clean the residual cosmetics after the move. Besides routine cleaning surface will also prevent the appearance of blackheads.
Getting Rid of Blackheads
In addition to doing business prevents the appearance of blackheads, perform the following steps to remove blackheads are already appearing on your skin. Thus your skin will be free from blackheads and prevent a comeback.
Steam Heated
Try to expose your face in steaming hot water. Boil the water and when the water is boiling, the water vapor capture your face. Do it for 3-5 minutes until you feel your pores open. When the pores of your face open, clear blackheads using blackhead extraction tool. You will be easier to do it because the portions on your facial pores have opened completely.
Salt water
Dissolve salt in warm water and wash your face using this salt water. Warm water opens the pores of your face while the salt will remove impurities including blackheads lodged in the pores of your face. Do it regularly so you can get the maximum results with the loss of your blackheads.
Natural mask
Facial treatments using natural mask is now more chosen by women to solve the problem of blackheads that appear on her face. In addition can be done at home are also readily available ingredients. One natural mask is most often used to treat blackheads is egg white. Besides being able to tighten the skin, egg whites also proven capable of removing blackheads clog the pores of the skin. Natural materials in addition to the egg white that can be used to remove blackheads is orange peel. If you peel the orange, do not remove the skin. Rub an orange peel on parts such as the nose blackheads while doing massage softly. Rinse with warm water after a sweep of orange peel. You will find amazing results when applying to remove stubborn blackheads on the nose and face with orange peel.


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