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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Fast and Powerful Ways to Remove Stains Black Spots on Face with Lime

When you successfully treat acne on your face, it is time to overcome the new problems on your face. Yes yes, after acne acne scars disappear will arise whether it be stain / black spots and pockmarked. If only a stain / black spots, do not worry because acne scars as it is relatively not too difficult to remove, using facial cream or natural materials / traditional lime regularly, stain / black spots that will fade over time. For those of you who want to remove the stain / black spots on the face, see explanation Fast and Powerful Ways to Remove Stains Black Spots on Face with Lime.
Tips/ Cara Cepat dan Ampuh Menghilangkan Flek Noda Hitam di Wajah Secara Alami dengan Jeruk Nipis
 Steps fade spots and stains Black with Lime

Clean your face and let it dry.
Take fresh lime juice to get the best properties. Fresh lime juice has a higher acidity level, both to diminish dark spots.
Cut, take the juice.
Apply lemon juice into the face of a problematic area (in this case that there are black spots).
Let stand for 15-30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly and dry face.
Perform the above every day on a regular basis, see the results within 1 month.
Lime Other efficacy which, in addition fade spots and stains Black
Besides being able to remove the stain and black spots on the face, following other properties of lime for skin care, which can no gain:

For skin that is dull, the content of vitamin C in citrus juice can brighten and maintain skin elasticity.
The content of AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) in it can lift dead skin cells, resulting in skin cell regeneration in our face that makes the face look more clean, bright, and fresh.
By rubbing lemon juice into the nose and surrounding area on a regular basis, can Juja remove blackheads on the face.

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