Tips on How to Maintain Healthy Feet

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For most men or women, the feet are often inadvertently forgotten as it would when bathing. Whereas the foot every day covered by shoes that are more susceptible to germs or harmful bacteria. Maintaining the health of the feet is important you know. This is because the feet are the only 'vehicles' that can accommodate any of our daily activities. If your legs are experiencing a problem or illness, your activities must also be follow-up is limited.
The problem that is often experienced in the legs usually smelly feet or foot problems that dull. Actually trivial yes, but the foot turned out to be one of the factors for us to feel confident. To that end, then keep your foot health and hygiene. Do not assume trivial any matters relating to the feet, this is because the foot is one of the most important organs to support each of our activities. There are some tips that you should follow about how to maintain the health of the feet to stay healthy, clean and avoid all kinds of problems related to foot. Want to know what? Let's refer to the following discussion.
First of all, often you wash your feet at least 2-3 times a day. Washing the feet not only wet feet with water, but wash it off with soap. By rubbing the soap gets both feet on the sidelines of the palms and fingers. You can use a hand or with a sponge or scrub. With this, foot odor and bacteria and germs of evil can be overcome. Better yet you do this also at bedtime.
Second, schedule your time to cut the toenails. Has grown long nails usually within two weeks, then you should start diligent schedule for cutting nails. This can avoid the dirt on toenails. So that feet remain tejaga kebersihanya.
Third, to avoid the foot or heel dirty and suffered cracks do the following steps ini.Rendam your feet in a basin or bucket of warm water or rashes nails. Then add 1-2 teaspoons of salt. Then let your feet soaked in 10 minutes. After that, dry with a towel. Let stand for 5 minutes in advance. Then simply rinse with plain water and dry back. It can relax your legs are tense because of a long day of walking and it also prevents odor-causing bacteria on the feet as well as humidity shoes or socks.
Fourth, do not use shoes or sandals that are too narrow. This will actually make your legs become smelly. This is due to the foot being forced to adapt to the shape of the shoe, so the legs more easily depressed and bacteria and dust is more easily assembled. Then, use sandals or shoes that have little leeway. May be useful! Good luck with ya!


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