This is the 7 Foods To Your Eye Health

A healthy eye is the dream of everyone. Terms of healthy eyes that can see objects near and far too clearly. However, various factors can cause health problems in organs such as the eyes themselves reading a book while sleeping, too long staring at a computer screen and even read a book with makeshift lighting. From now on, avoid all these habits. Various foods can help meet the needs nutrients needed by the eye to maintain eye health. So, what foods can nourish the eye organ ... ???

Friend, health tips. We must maintain the health of the eye organ without mengkesampingkan other organs. This is because, of all the activities and the work will fall apart if a problem occurs in the visual organ. That is why, to maintain eye health should be a priority that should be our priority. Here are 7 foods that nourish your eyes:
  1. Carrot. This fruit is a fruit that is closely related to eye health. This is because, carrots contain beta carotene, vitamin A sufficient nutrients needed by your eye organ.
  2. Spinach. Several green colored vegetables especially spinach are foods that are good for eye health. This is because, green colored vegetables are a source of lutein and zeaxathin which serves to prevent macular degeneration and cataracts in the eyes.
  3. Egg. Likes to eat eggs ... ???. Egg yolks contain lutein and proved to have zeaxathin which serves to prevent macular degeneration or decline seen someone on his organ.
  4. Fruits. Fruit is that which is a source of vitamin C such as citrus fruits. Because the content of vitamin C in the fruit can prevent a person from macular degeneration and even cataracts.
  5. Various marine fish. Marine fish in intent, namely salmon and sardines. This is because, both the fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids which is very needed to nourish the eyes to stay healthy organs.
  6. Broccoli. The content of vitamin C in broccoli provide nutrients that are needed by the organs of sight. To function optimally for power see someone better and clearer course.
  7. Sweet potato. This is one of the foods that are good sources of vitamin C and beta carotene. Both substances from sweet potato is very good for the health of your vision organ.


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